One could think of various situations in which you need a valuation report of your house. It is not just when buying or selling a home that such a report is good to have; also when you decide to get a mortgage or change your existing one, a valuation report is helpful. Moreover, valuing your house is the sensible thing to do in case of legacy, divorce or a disagreement over the municipality’s WOZ decision. However, it is evident that valuing a house is not an easy endeavour and that it is therefore wise to call on a specialist for assistance.

House valuation by an independent broker-property valuer

The valuation of a home has to be executed very carefully and professionally. At Vesta Vastgoed, you have come to the right place for just that. With us, you can have your home valued by an independent, certified broker-property valuer who is not only registered at the NRVT, but who is also member of VBO Makelaar. Because we know the market and are well informed of the developments in the Maastricht region, we are able to value your home in an accurate and well thought through manner.

Valuing a house: Not a simple addition exercise

Some seem to think a property valuation is not much more than a simple calculation. The opposite is true, however. After all, valuing a house is much more than that. Often things such as the marketability of the house, its constructional condition, the current state of the market and various legal aspects play an important role when drawing up a well-elaborated valuation report. Do you want to have your house valued by Vesta Vastgoed? Contact us so we can make an appointment as soon as possible. After we have a look at the object, you can expect the valuation report within just several working days.