“With and for people”

Despite having spent my youth in the east of the Netherlands, I decided to study somewhere else. I ended up at both the university and the university of applied sciences in Maastricht. Afterwards, I have been employed in various positions in the social sector for several years. However, I never achieved the desired results, which caused me to opt for a career change.

To work together with and in service of people remained a prerequisite. In addition to this, however, I wanted to have a clear goal set before me. It is therefore that, eventually, the choice was simple: real estate brokering. As a broker, I work with people in order to sell their house as soon as possible and to do it well, the result of which is always a happy customer. As such, it provides just the satisfaction I was looking for!

After having completed the study curriculum Real Estate Brokerage and the practical exam Homes at SVMNIVO, I could now call myself a certified and registered broker-valuer. First, I gained some work experience at a brokering agency in Vaals, but soon the idea to start an agency for myself was born. This resulted in what is now Vesta Vastgoed.

For years, our real estate agency in Maastricht has been experiencing continuous growth and I love practising the dynamic profession of broker. In my spare time, I like to do sports, love traveling and enjoy spending time with the family.

Would you like to know how I can be of service to you? I would be glad to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Senly Vos