Involved in an important moment in your life!

After my legal studies and work in large organizations, I believe that this was not the satisfaction and the results yielded what I was looking for. I want to meet new people every day, challenges and celebrate results.

Because of my interest in the housing market Vesta is a unique opportunity to pursue my ambitions.

Buying a home or selling is an important moment in your life. This requires specialization and confidence in the abilities of your broker. Every day I work at Vesta with passion and enthusiasm to be able to guide people at this important moment.

Along with Senly and Stanley, as two professional people, I am convinced that besides an excellent knowledge of the market and value network, just that little extra to offer in order to serve you even better service. Because of the unique and professional approach to this small organization where personal approach and involvement are key, creates confidence and we can celebrate together results.

Every day when I'm working I realize that real estate is a beautiful box. But a good balance between work and private life is also very important. With my family I will also like to travel and I enjoy at home.

Working with Vesta feels not as work, but one day with a grateful sense, ie do what I aspire to, and therefore agree to work with two great colleagues.




Denicé Korff - Wijsen