“Brokering is a specialised craft”

After having doubted of our labour future for a couple of years, our deep-rooted interest in houses led us to eventually make the decision to start our own real estate agency in the beautiful city of Maastricht.

Together with Senly Vos, I decided to set up an agency that treats customers as we ourselves would like to be treated as well. After all, brokering is a specialised craft, not something one does just like that! Eventually, this has translated into a real estate agency where personal approach, involvement and a proactive attitude are the central themes.

Now, Vesta Vastgoed has been around for 10 years and we can safely say that we have established very good repute. This is not just because of the three vital aspects of our business, as mentioned before, but not in the least because of our excellent results as well. As such, we have managed to sell more than 500 homes over the years of our existence.

All of the positive response we have been fortunate to receive is part of the reason I still enjoy the amazing profession of broker every single day. The fact that I prefer to do my work in an accurate and punctual manner only adds a little extra to this.

In my spare time, I love investing time and energy into my family and my dog. I’m also a travel fanatic and enjoy being outdoors a lot. Lastly, I try to take as many walks as possible.

I hope to greet you at Vesta Vastgoed, to help you with sale or purchase assistance. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Stanley Heckers